At the heart of Hilltop's success is client service. Hilltop's extensive experience is important to achieving positive results; but its hyper-attentive customer service is vital to producing satisfied partners. The following is a partial roster of Hilltop Management clients:

  • New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
  • ALS Association of Greater New York
  • American Lung Association of the Northeast - LUNG FORCE
  • Beck Beck & Ian Eagle Sports Broadcasting Camp
  • Super SteelFit Championships
  • MLS Team Docs
  • SportCare
  • Calandra's

Hilltop Management’s impact is not limited to its current clients. In fact, over the years, Hilltop and it’s experienced management team have successfully serviced a plethora of clients including:

  • Professional sports leagues/teams
  • Collegiate athletic conferences
  • Private universities
  • Catholic high schools/grammar schools
  • National non-profits/local charities
  • Professional service providers
  • Health care providers/hospitals
  • Entertainment companies
  • Software developers
  • Casinos/hospitality companies

In short, the scope of Hilltop and its experienced management is wide; the list of meaningful contributions and satisfied clients is even wider!