The brand development, marketing, and fundraising landscape has changed significantly since the founders of Hilltop began managing and marketing companies, products, and events over 25 years ago. However, one thing that has remained constant: media content is still king!

Whether it be video, print, online, or social, media has the power to drive results; and Hilltop Management has a long and storied history of producing the type of media strategies that not only get your business noticed, but deliver quantifiable results.

Sizzle Videos: Provide your consumer with a flashy and informative video presentation that relays your organization's mission, brand, and/or product in a manner that captures their attention and spurs them to action.

Long Form Production: The best way to convey the essence of your organization is through a professionally written and directed long form video. Documentaries, full length television programming, and presentation videos are all effective vehicles that allow consumers and patrons to discover your company’s mission.

Broadcast Media Segments: Have an opportunity to feature your business or organization via traditional broadcast media? Let our Emmy-award winning production team create a compelling segment that allows the audience to connect with your organization.

Public Service Announcements: Our extensive work with charities and non-profits, coupled with our expansive roster of media contacts, allows Hilltop to develop and distribute effective PSAs that will help create awareness for your non-profit organization.

Print/Online/Social Media: Whether you are looking to create a traditional print advertising campaign or deliver an interactive/social media strategy, Hilltop's designers, graphic artists, and media strategists have the experience to craft winning advertising materials.

Media Placement: Hilltop does not merely create effective media products; they craft a strategy and execute a media buying plan that allows your organization to reach its audience and deliver its message in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

For a partial gallery of Hilltop Management media projects, click here.